He Took Our Pain

An Original Work / March 25, 2018

Based off Isaiah 53

Who has believed our message?
To whom has our Lord been revealed?
He had no beauty or majesty;
His looks, to none did appeal.

He was despised, rejected.
A man of much suff’ring and pain,
From whom people have hid their faces,
then looked on him with disdain.

Surely He took up our pain.
Our sorrow he bore on himself.
Punished by God, we did judge him so.
By his wounds, we are made well.

We all, like sheep, have wandered;
Each one of us turned his own way.
The Lord has taken upon himself
Our sin, so we do not pay.

It was God’s will to crush him,
To cause him to suffer for us.
He paid the price for us to be free,
So we’re not mastered by lust.

By grace, through faith we are saved.
We are given new life in Christ.
By faith, we died with Him to our sin.
Through Christ, we now walk in light.

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