Teach Them

I was praying for various people I love who are still blinded by sin’s deceitfulness. My heart was heavy with care and concern for their lives. I began praying this first verse to the Lord, which is actually Jesus’ commission to Paul as recorded in Acts 26:16-18, before it actually became the first verse to this song. Then, the Lord directed me to put these words to the music he had given me.

He then led me to Ephesians 4 and Romans 12 and several other passages of scripture, and he used them to put words to this song, “Teach Them,” which is about us sharing the gospel and the love of Jesus Christ, so that others can come to know Christ, and then teaching them by word and by example what it means to live for Christ.

Teach Them
An Original Work / May 24, 2012

Based off various scriptures

Open up the blinded eyes of
Those who walk in sin’s darkness.
Turn them to the light of Christ
And to His righteousness.
Turn them from the pow’r of Satan.
Turn them to the peace of Christ,
So they may receive forgiveness
And eternal life.

Teach them to put off their old selves
And their former way of life,
And to put on their new self,
Reborn to be like Christ;
To not copy worldly customs;
Be transformed in life and mind;
Obey freely His word in them,
Pleasing unto God.

Teach them how to love their neighbors
Truly as they love themselves;
Be a witness; share the gospel;
Satan’s lies dispel;
Comfort all who mourn in sadness;
Share Christ’s love and joy today.
Do this through your life and witness
For your Lord always.

3 thoughts on “Teach Them

  1. It is so hard to watch those that you love choose paths that do not bring life. I have walked through darkness as well and only want the best for them. Sometimes they see my eager heart as self-riigteousness. I am praying for wisdom to know when to speak. Recently I have been verbally attacked by someone close to me who has been listening to lies from the enemy. I pray that I will not get bitter but be filled with compassion. God reminded me that Jesus didn’t say a word in self defense. So I just pray for them from a distance. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Beehopper, Thank you for sharing that with me. Yes, it is heartbreaking. I identify with so much of what you said here. As far as Jesus is concerned, actually he defended himself quite a bit, as did Paul. I think we should follow their examples for how they did it, when they did, and under what circumstances. So sometimes we need to speak and sometimes not. We just need to pray for direction in every situation.


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