The Peace of Christ

The Lord Jesus was speaking to my heart concerning letting the peace of Christ rule in my heart, and to think about the things above, and not to dwell on the cares of this world.

I think sometimes the cares of this world can begin to weigh us down, and they can even serve as a distraction from our pure devotion to our Lord. Worry can begin to set in as we get our focus off of Christ and on to our circumstances. So, we need to redirect our attention away from the waves which are tossing about us, and we need to get our eyes back on Jesus. Then his peace can begin to permeate our beings and the cares of this life will begin to dim by comparison. He tells us in his word to cast our burdens upon him, because he cares for us, and we are to take his yoke upon us, for his burden is light, because he is the one who carries the weight of it for us.

The Peace of Christ
An Original Work / October 31, 2011

Based off of Col. 3:1-17; Eph. 5:19-20

Let the word of Christ dwell in you,
As you teach with all wisdom,
Teaching one another to not
Think on earthly things;
Think instead on things above,
Where Christ sits with God, in love,
Saving us from all of our sins,
Cleansing us; made new within.

Let the peace of Christ rule your hearts,
As you sing songs unto Him;
Speak to one another with psalms,
Hymns, and spir’tual songs;
Always giving thanks to God,
In the name of Christ, His Son,
Who gave His life up for us all,
And gave us eternal life.

Let the love of Christ within you
Rule in your hearts; grace within,
Purifying you from your sin,
Make you whole within.
Forgive as the Lord forgave.
Show His kindness ev’ry day.
In word or deed, whate’er you do,
Glory give to Jesus Christ.

2 thoughts on “The Peace of Christ

    • Oh, I am so thankful for his peace, too, Lynn. I rely on it every day. God bless you, too! ❤

      Thank you for sharing that with me. It encouraged my heart! 🙂


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