Their Game

An Original Work / April 27, 2018

So, my mem’ry’s bad,
Or, so they say,
Because at their game,
Not well did play.

I did what she said,
Repeated words.
I walked to the door,
Said what I heard.

I drew their time clock
Just as she said,
“Ten after el’ven.”
Did what was led.

So, what was this for?
A purpose had?
So, I did not pass.
And, that is bad?

So, what does it say?
Say about me?
That I’m defective?
And their help need?

So, what will they do
To conform me
To who they think I
Ought now to be?

Will they push their drugs?
That’s what I need?
For me to be whole
As I should be?

But, what about God?
For He made me.
And He has a plan –
My destiny.

Drugs not are a part-
His plan for me.
Controls He, my mind,
And He leads me.

I do what He says-
His perfect plan,
Which determined He
‘Fore life began.

So, I rest in Him.
His way do go,
So His perfect will
That I should know.

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