His Story

An Original Work / May 26, 2018

The mountains declare
The praises of God.
Their beauty proclaims
His glory.

The sky and the clouds,
The stars up above
Give evidence of
His story.

The sun, as it shines,
His radiance shows.
The tree tops proclaim
His kingdom.

The colors of all
His beauty shine forth.
Creation declares
His wisdom.

We have no excuse,
If we not believe
In Him from whom all
Was conceived.

For God has made known
Himself to all folk,
Through all that He made
In a week.

So, trust in Him now.
Believe in His Son
Who died on a cross
For our sins.

Make Jesus your Lord,
Trust now in His Word.
And do what He says,
Truth within.

Your sins He’ll forgive.
His pardon receive
When you trust in Him
As Savior.

From sin you’re set free,
If you will believe,
And you will make Him
Your master.

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