Sad to See

An Original Work / August 8, 2018

Sad to see so many lost,
So many so afraid.
Sad to see the circumstance
When Christians fail to pray.

Sad to see the Bibles closed,
Now sitting on a shelf.
Sad to see the church engaged
In entertaining self.

Sad to see the gospel told
To satisfy the flesh.
Sad to see how many lives
Are lived in wickedness.

Sad to see church upside down.
On marketing, they’re bent.
Sad to see lives torn by sin
Not willing to repent.

Sad to see so many men
Addicted now to porn,
Living in adultery,
Their love for God forlorn.

Sad to see so many hurt
By others’ sins, at cost.
Sad to hear their cries to God,
Their pleas for mercy most.

Sad to see the world in flames
Be subject to the beast,
Sad how many are deceived.
On worldliness they feast.

There is hope in Jesus Christ,
Who takes away our sin.
Leave your lives of sin behind,
And let His truth come in.

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