So, I have not written any new songs in about 2 years for lack of space to do that, but now I have the space, so last night the Lord gave me a new song.

The songs the Lord gives to me to write, though, are not always praise and worship songs or happy, happy songs, either. A spiritual song, like many of the psalms, is not always about praising God, but sometimes these songs are speaking about the wicked, and about adultery, and about hypocrisy and unfaithfulness. Basically, they are scripture or scriptural truths put to music as a way or as a means of putting the messages in our minds and in our hearts.

Since the subject of this song deals with spiritual adultery, but also with impurity, and with the subjects of unfaithfulness and hypocrisy, I put the song on my other blog, Walking Wounded, so you can read it, see it, and hear it there, if you are interested.

Broken Cord

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