Songs and Poems

I just today added to this blog a new page titled, “Songs and Poems.” On this page you can, if you want, view and or download the entire collection of poems and the entire collection of songs (the lyrics only) which God gave me to write, plus the table of contents for each collection. There are 176 songs (lyrics only) and 40 poems. You can access this page here:

Songs and Poems

If you want to listen to any of the songs, you can hear them on Vimeo:

Original Works Songs

These are all in the public domain, so you are free to use any of them that you want if they would be useful for you.

Lord willing, if more songs and or poems get written, I will periodically update these documents, so that you can have access to the current works, too.

If you want to hear a specific song, just ask me and I will provide you with the individual link for that song. These songs are all home-recorded but one.

Sue ❤

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