Abiding Peace

An Original Work / October 29, 2018

Pain and sorrow
Know no bounds.
Joy and laughter
Oft not found.

Life depressing,
Oft distressing,
Yields no blessing,
So unresting.

Trials often
Friends are often

Friendships failing,
Foes are railing,
Hypocrites, they’re
Often bailing.

Feel abandoned,
Left behind,
By those who don’t
Know they’re blind.

Boats are sinking,
Folks not thinking,
Eyes are blinking,
Friends are finking.

Answers now are
Hard to find.
Thieves and liars,
One of kind.

Fires burning,
Stomachs churning,
None returning,
Are we learning?

All around.
Someone honest,
Hardly found.

Lies, deceptions,
Few exceptions,
Thus, conceptions
Are rejections.

Hope, though, is not
Out of reach.
Jesus Christ we
Often preach.

His blood buying
No more trying,
Blood applying.

Joy and laughter
Once again.
Jesus Christ now
Is our friend.

To Him listen,
Eyes will glisten.
He’s insistent
You’re persistent.

Trusting Him with
All your life.
Give your heart not
Up to strife.

No more crying,
Peace abiding.


16 thoughts on “Abiding Peace

    • Amen! Oh, yes! Those words fit very well, especially with this stanza:

      Lies, deceptions,
      Few exceptions,
      Thus, conceptions
      Are rejections.

      When people lie, deceive and conceive (create, make up, invent) what is contrary to truth, these are rejections against God and against His Word. Yes, peace comes in surrender which is coupled with truth.

      Thank you so much for sharing that!! Yes! We must surrender to God (to Jesus Christ) if we want peace, true peace.

      Liked by 1 person

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