On Thanksgiving Day

An Original Work / November 22, 2018

On this Thanksgiving Day,
What is it you say?
Do your words honor God,
Or are you a fraud?

Is your heart full of praise?
Your lips to him raise?
Such honor, you give him,
Because you believe him?

Are you thankful he died
On a cross for your sin?
Have you forsaken sin,
Your life now in Him?


Are your thoughts filled with greed?
Your stomachs you feed?
And, He’s barely mentioned,
Not even intentioned?

It’s a day of tradition?
Not of contrition?
It’s a day to receive?
But not to believe?


Why do we celebrate?
What purpose, give you?
To whom are we thankful?
Our worship give due?

Should God not be first?
Our praise to Him give?
Our thoughts focused on Him?
Our lives, for Him live?


Today, let’s reflect on Him.
Give Him our praise.
Let’s lift up our voices,
Our hearts to him raise.

Let’s give Him the honor
That truly is due to Him.
Not just with words we speak,
But, Jesus Christ we seek.

Let’s give our all to Him,
Not just today,
But fully, completely,
Be Jesus’ always.

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