It’s Christmastime

An Original Work / December 2, 2018

It’s Christmastime all over the world,
But what does that mean exactly?

Shopping and presents and idols galore?
Never yet satisfied. Always want more?

Busily, hurriedly, racing for time?
Gotta have this gift, and nothing to find?

Santa and reindeer now fly through the air,
Packing their presents, now done with a flair?

Children all googled-eyed, caught by it all,
Can’t wait till Santa brings presents for all?

Parties, and cookies baked, oh how so right?
Movies and popcorn, now turn on the lights?

Laughing and playing, and games do the trick,
While everyone awaits good ole Saint Nick?

Now, how is this s’pposed to be ‘bout our Lord?
How are we unified with Him, one accord?

He’s just a baby, still lies in a manger,
Has no real power to disperse all danger.

Funny, we don’t celebrate our birthdays that way.
We get the presents on our special day.

We are not hopefully largely ignored,
While everyone waits another to come through the door.

Is Christmas really about Jesus Christ?
Or, is it ‘bout Santa and gifts giv’n in flight?

Is it really ‘bout greed and our selfish desires?
Or, do we feel bound to do what others require?

Can we really say we celebrate Jesus Christ,
When Santa and presents take first place that night?

Is this what He wants? Is it what God requires?
That on the altar of sacrifice to idols we light our fires?

Jesus did not say to remember him this way.
He said we need to die to sin and pray.

He asked that we remember what he did,
When he died on the cross, and our sins he hid.

And, He said to examine our hearts in this way,
To make certain that we follow him without sway.

So, if we truly want to celebrate Him,
We must forsake idols and from sins repent.

We must make Jesus truly Lord of our lives,
And follow His leading, and not all the lies.

For He wants our all on his altar to lay,
Giving glory to Him, and not to delay.

Instead of looking for Santa in flight,
We must be watching for Jesus, that’s right.

We’re to be waiting and watching for Him,
Purify our hearts, cleansed now from sin.

Living for Jesus Christ, now every day,
Holy and pleasing to God, this now we pray.

No longer living for sin and for self
We have put our idols now on the shelf.

11 thoughts on “It’s Christmastime

  1. Sue, I completely agree with this. The man we call Santa Claus gets more praise, honor and glory than the One this season is supposed to be about. And it goes to show us just how far things can be exaggerated. The original St. Nick was a man who practiced the Lord’s teaching “it is more blessed to give than to receive.” He was a very selfless man from what I gather about him. Now, he lives in the North Pole, owns an empire of elves, a toy factory, flying reindeer and monitors the actions of every person on earth and delivers according to their works…

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    • Yes, Santa is a false god whose creators have given him all the attributes of the One True God, and the purpose of this false god is to steal the hearts of people away from Jesus Christ, especially the hearts of children.

      So, they have this holiday which is supposedly about celebrating Jesus’ birth, but they picture Jesus as a helpless baby in a manger while they picture Santa as all powerful, all knowing, and omnipresent. And, instead of waiting and watching for Christ’s return, they are waiting and watching for Santa’s return.

      There are just so many ways in which Santa (Satan) mimics God; mimics Jesus Christ and tries to be God, which is what he wanted to do, which is why God kicked him out of heaven.

      So, he cleverly disguises himself as a jolly fat guy who has a sleigh and reindeer and who delivers presents to children on the birthday of Christ. If we don’t see this as purposeful, then our eyes are really blind.

      The day many people celebrate as Christmas, which we stopped doing in 2012, is really not about Jesus, at least not in the way that we think, but it is about him in the sense that Satan is trying to take the place of God in the hearts of people and so Jesus is pictured as having no power while Santa has all the power, and Jesus is pictured as helpless, unable to do anything, while Santa can fly through the air and deliver gifts to children all in a single night.

      This day of the year is the biggest lie ever!

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