No Longer Strive

An Original Work / December 28, 2018

Based off Matthew 11

A messenger was sent from God
To prepare the way for Jesus.
He was not flashy – finely dressed.
The people he did not impress.

He spoke the truth of righteousness,
And called for sinners to repent.
He showed the way to peace with God,
And to the world, he gave no nod.

So the people, they made fun of him.
For, speaking truth, he’d not relent.
They prodded him to compromise,
But he’d not budge, to their surprise.

For, he was faithful to his call.
He knew he could not drop the ball.
Thus, the people did retaliate, and
Falsely accused him to his face.

So, Jesus spoke in his defense
And told the people to repent.
For, if they didn’t, woe to them.
For, of their sins, they weren’t forgiven.

But, things are not much different today.
Those who speak the truth are still betrayed.
The gospel, it is still ignored.
So, people’s lives are still destroyed.

So, Jesus calls us to come to him,
Trust in his Word; of sins repent;
Make him truly Lord of our lives,
And in the flesh, no longer strive.

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