If You are Willing

If you are willing
To obey Me,
I have treasures
For you multiplied.

If you will follow Me
Where’er I lead you,
And Myself
You not deny,

Then I will take you
To the farthest corners
Of the world,
In written word,

To millions who,
God’s great salvation,
Not been told them,
Never heard.

For many still
Without the Savior,
They are dying in
Their sins each day,

They’re needing someone
Just to tell them
How to truly find Him;
How to pray.

So tell them that
The Son of God came
Down to the earth,
And became a man,

He was crucified
Upon a cross to
Forgive our sins.
For, twas God’s plan.

By faith in Jesus,
Who is The Christ,
The Son of God,
Who came down to die,

Our sins delivered,
We are set free
To live for Jesus.
This is no lie.

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