When Things Get Crazy

An Original Work / February 14, 2019

Do you ever feel so deeply
That words cannot express it?
Like the feeling of a symphony,
But your fingers just don’t get it?

You know the passion deep in heart,
As the tears stream from your eyes,
But words cannot quite capture it,
For the pain, not realize.

You search within for words to say,
But they can’t get to your lips.
It’s so incomprehensible,
Like watching a Sci-Fi flick.

But, Jesus told us this would come,
This mystery foretold,
That one day life would not be like
It was in days of old.

He said that strange things would occur,
Right ‘fore our very eyes.
So, when these things began to click,
We should not be surprised.

But, all the same, it’s really hard
To fully comprehend
What’s really happ’ning in our world,
And how it’s going to end.

So, trust in God, we must so do,
‘Though things now don’t make sense.
For He has all things in control,
His grace, He’ll not relent.

So, be assured He’s not forgot
His promises of old.
We must have courage, and His strength
In witness to be bold.


9 thoughts on “When Things Get Crazy

  1. Beautiful! In its simplicity, in its intent, its message.
    Love is the core of our existence when everything around us seems so unreal. We indeed stand strong in the Lord and move forward with Him. He is in control and in the end it will all come together for His glory.

    Thank you for sharing. Much appreciated & timely. God bless you wholeheartedly. We must remember ‘life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gunna get’.

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    • First of all, all glory to God. He puts the words in my head and I just write them, but they do also express what is in my own heart and in my emotions.

      Now, to what you expressed here, thank you and Amen! No, we don’t know what we are going to get, not specifically, anyway, or when it is going to happen, but we do know generally from what God’s word teaches us, so we shouldn’t be surprised by it all. We just need to keep trusting God. And, love does conquer all, truly.

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      • Praise His Holy Name!
        We’re in sync in our thoughts 🙂
        Unfortunately, it’s going to get tough as God separates the goats among the sheep. And heartbreaking when its in our own family, &/or intimate circle of friends. We indeed must trust Him and pray for strength for ourselves, conversion and love for our love ones and our friends. I truly believe God will answer our prayers on His timetable. He looks at the heart of all of us and if there’s even a mustard seed, small encling of belief, miracles happen. He sees/knows us and our future not just the past that brought us where we are.
        Again, thank you for the reflection, beautifully written. Shalom/may peace follow you always.

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      • I believe this separating of the goats from the sheep has already begun, just not so much yet in America, at least not so obvious yet, but it is there. And, it is already impacting families, marriages, friendships, church fellowships and the like. But, there is always hope until God shuts that door to his heaven and no longer can anyone enter in. Until that time, we keep on believing God for the salvation of lives, and for the revival of the adulterous church, too.


      • I agree and the momentum, sad to say, is increasing here (US) too. Prayers are needed and by our actions which speaks louder then words, states who we follow. Being transparent in reflecting Jesus’ ways (hard as it is to unbelievers to even believe) teaches, lets them see God’s glory through us, and helps us to battle the arrows that come.

        The church is IN us. Its always been a gathering of individuals finding truth in God’s word. It’s been distorted through the ages, the teachings milked down and very little mention prophecy. And yes, all predicted, if we all read His Book. Our manual, our history, our future. And the lack of our churches to feed the flock the truth of HIS Word.

        Yet, His Spirit living in us by our conversion carries us forward in faith and in hope. The world is getting darker but we are God’s light shining our little light forward, every kind gesture, help, smile lightens someone’s spirits.

        God is love and ❤ most certainly, triumphs. Hope is powerful even in our pain when our focus is in His Son. Blessings always.

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