Life Unending

An Original Work / April 12, 2019

Have you given thought to your life –
To why you were even born?
Have you thought about your purpose?
Or, is your purpose now forlorn?

Do you know your life has meaning –
That you are not here by mistake?
Do you know your life has purpose?
And, it is not that you be fake?

Do you know you were created
With God’s purpose now in mind?
To believe, you would, in Jesus,
And his righteousness to find?

Do you know that he has purpose,
And has meaning for your life?
That you would follow Jesus Christ,
And you’d not give up to strife?

Now He wants to bless you richly
With his treasures now in store,
To give hope now for your future,
And, that Him you’d now adore.

Gave His life for your salvation,
So from sin you’d be set free,
To follow Jesus only now,
Bowing now on bended knee.

He has given you direction
Through the teachings of His Word,
To follow Him in purity,
And do nothing, though, absurd.

So, give your life to Him today,
Follow Him where’er He leads.
Tell others of His saving grace,
And for others, their needs meet.

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