Day In, Day Out

An Original Work / July 20, 2019

Day in, day out,
What’s it all about?
What’s your purpose –
Gives you cause to shout?

What you feeding
Body, soul and mind?
What you seeking –
Trying now to find?

Give direction
Of your whereabouts.
Are you somewhere
That’s worth finding out?

Marching forward,
Now in tune with God?
Or you’re faking,
So you’re just a fraud?

Who’s your idol?
Who gets all your heart?
What you holding?
Not from it depart?

What’s your thinking
Mainly focused on?
Where’s your heart from
Night to break of dawn?

Is it God you
Seek with all your heart?
Do you truly
Not from Him depart?

Could it be that,
Covered in the dark,
There’s another god –
gives you a spark?

Think about it,
Will you tell the truth?
Face the facts of
What’s behind the booth?

Are you willing
To reveal it all?
Be transparent?
On your Lord do call?

He is willing
To deliver you,
If you’ll turn from
Sin to follow truth.

Jesus Christ – He
Is the way to God.
He provided
Freedom from defraud.

In His wisdom,
He died for our sins,
So we’d leave our
Sins to follow Him.

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