Being Made Right

Being Made Right
New Song 9/09/2019

This is a new song, which is a 4-part harmony hymn that the Lord gave me to write. This song, just like the others, is not for entertainment purposes, though. The singer is me, and I have an old voice that comes, and it goes. So, don’t listen for a great sound or recording, or to be entertained. Just listen for the words, for the message, for the scriptures in song.

This is one of those “psalms, hymns and spiritual songs” that the Lord has instructed us to speak to one another for the encouragement and for the building up of the body of Christ. He doesn’t say that they have to sound professional, by human standards, for the object is to just share what he gives us to share for the encouragement and strengthening of one another.

Being Made Right

An Original Work / September 8, 2019

Jesus, lover of my soul,
Cleansed and saved me,
Made me whole;
Purified me, now new within.
By His grace, I’m free from sin.

Holy Spirit lives within,
Teaching me to walk with Him,
Guiding me each step of the way.
Living for my Lord each day.

Father God, He is my Lord.
Walk with Him in one accord.
Follow Him wherever He leads,
Living holy, Him to please.

Witnessing for Him each day,
Loving others in His way,
Telling them about Jesus Christ,
And how they can be made right.


10 thoughts on “Being Made Right

  1. I completely support you!

    Almost every time I pick up my guitar, I feel like I’ve been given a song. I have one that is pretty much complete but I can write lyrics. It just seems like a conquering a cold mountain kind of song. I’ve been praying the Lord helps me with this.

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