What’s the Stink?

An Original Work / September 24, 2019

Hear the whispers.
Makes you think.
Mind now wonders,
“What’s the stink?”

Is it factual?
Makes you doubt.
Hear what’s hidden
In the clout.

Preys on people
Who’re naïve.
Love they to make
Many scenes.

Who has done it?
Do they know?
Or, is all this
Just for show?

News and Rag Mags
Much the same.
They are all part
Of same game.

Get them fighting
‘mongst themselves,
‘til the Captain
Rings the bell.

Now they march to
Diff’rent tune.
Tyrant leader
Right on cue.

He is here to
“Save the day,”
But he will make
Many pay.

Don’t bow to him,
Take his mark.
He will bite you,
Not just bark.

Don’t fall for the
Reality show.
Pray to God who’s
In the know.

Let Him lead you
To the truth.
He will show you
Who’s uncouth.

Pray for wisdom
To not fall
For the whispers,
Not at all!

Listen to God,
To His Word,
He will show you
What’s absurd.

Get your heads out
Of the sand,
And on Christ’s love
Now depend.

Follow Him
Where’er He leads.
He will meet all
Of your needs.

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