When I Was Walking


Do you ever have days when it seems everything is a challenge? Simple tasks that should not have glitches, have glitches in them. Everything seems to take much longer than it should. Complications set in. Things fall apart. Communications break down. Physically speaking, it is not one of your better days. You cry easily. And, you are, perhaps, more sensitive than most days.

And, then you have technical issues when you are trying to do something on the computer, and then you have to redo and redo just to make it ok and not horrible. And, we are not speaking perfection here, which is not even possible at this point. You just want to get past horrible to something presentable. But, every step along the way has issues.

And, I know these are first world problems. No one is threatening to take my life, that I know of. I don’t have guns blaring at me. I am not homeless, yet. I have a roof over my head and heated space to live in, and I have clothing to wear and a vehicle to drive and food to eat. And, I have a computer and access to the internet, which is why I am able to do what I do every day.

But, that does not mean my life doesn’t have troubles or heartaches or that I am not persecuted for my walk of faith. I am. I get sad. I hurt. I cry. I need help. I don’t always say all the right things in all the right ways. Sometimes I wonder to myself, “Why did you say that?” And, sometimes I really don’t know. It is not bad stuff, just not worded well. And, then I want to kick myself and cry, too. And, so I just have to give it over to God.

And, so the Lord gave me this song to write to encourage my heart, especially on days like I just described here. But, even that had glitches. I was challenged in several different ways. I was tempted to doubt and to fear. Each step of the way – and writing a song has lots of steps to it – there was another challenge, and I did have to do lots of redo’s.

My voice would not cooperate today. It is an old voice, but God chose to give me this gift of music in my old age when my voice would be old, too. But, it has good days and bad days. Today was not one of the better days. But, I realized that it fits with the lyrics where I am crying out to the Lord for help, and I am telling him that I need him. And, I do! And, tomorrow it could be worse, so it is what it is, and it fits with the song. So, again, not perfect.

But, the Bible says to speak to one another in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. And, it doesn’t matter how good or not so good it sounds musically, for the purpose is to encourage one another in our walks of faith with Jesus Christ. So, it is my prayer that you will be encouraged by this song today, and that you will be strengthened in your walk of faith through your trials.

When I Was Walking

An Original Work / January 16, 2020

When I was walking along the way,
My Lord was with me, and He did say,
“My child I’m with you. I hear you pray,
‘Oh, help me, Lord! Need You today!’”

He is my friend, near to the end.
Gently leads me. His servant be.
He helps me pray – knows what to say.
He’s all I need. On Him I feed.

When I am wond’ring of what to do,
He gently leads me to what is truth.
He is my helper. He strengthens me.
When I’m in want, supplies my need.

He comforts me with all His love.
Gives me His grace from heav’n above.
I heed His call to watch and pray,
To guard my heart throughout each day.

When He is calling to come to Him,
To let Him lead you, trust Him within,
How will you answer to Him today?
Will you say, “Yes, Lord, have your way”?

Do not neglect to let Him in,
Cleanse you from sin, made new within.
Leave all your sin, obey your Lord,
Trust in His Word – His mighty Sword.


12 thoughts on “When I Was Walking

  1. Well you’re not alone Sue, I’ve just gone through a couple of days I’d like to do a retake on. Not my finest hours. Sometimes I think God allows these “days” to happen just to remind us of how much we truly need Him and what forgiveness is all about. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the things that need to be addressed and balanced. Sometimes the biggest hindrance in maintaining that balance is me. But God is gracious, long suffering, patient with His children, of which I am one. So I will confess, make restitutions where needed and give it another go. I’ve been through this before, not keen about them but they are necessary. God’s blessings and grace to you and yours as always.

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  2. Bruce, thank you for your response. Yes, we will have good days and bad days, days when most everything goes smoothly and days where it seems everything does not go as planned. And yes, it is during those times that we learn to depend on our Lord and to rely on his strength. And yes, sometimes we are the problem and we have to apologize for something or ever. And then we go on in the strength of the Lord, continuing to love with his love and to forgive others as he forgives us.

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  3. Yes, I do relate. Some days, I just want to head back to bed and start the day over. I’m glad that God makes every day new with Him and gives us the strength to get through the hard ones. Thank you for this post and especially for the song!

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    • Vickie, you are so welcome. I am so glad that this ministered to you. I totally get just wanting to go back to bed. I relate! 🙂 I understand wanting to start the day over, too. But, we can’t. But we can start again fresh. 🙂 Thank you for your encouraging words here. All glory to God! Love you!!

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