Where Are They All?

An Original Work / January 30, 2020

Where are all the children?
Where’s the laughter and the joy?
Where’s the smiles and the twinkling eyes
Of the girls and of the boys?

Where’s the sunshine, moon and stars
That once shone, oh so bright?
Where’s the hugs and kisses of the mamas
As they tell their kids “goodnight”?

Where’s the Daddies playing ball
With their sons out on the field?
And the innocence of years gone by,
Lost beyond what they can feel?

Where’s the unity of families
Who are one, in love with Christ?
Reading Bibles to their children and
Saying prayers with kids at night?

Have we lost them to the world?
To the lusts of sin and flesh?
Are we sacrificing our children
On the altars of selfishness?

Are we handing them devices
With the internet in tow?
Hoping they’ll be entertained
As they sit and watch the show?

Are we seating them, front of the screen,
Hoping they’ll be babysat
While we get on our smart phones
And with our friends we chat?

Oh, Lord, help us, as your people,
That we may in You abide,
And that we’ll not neglect our children,
And to our idols be sacrificed.

We need to protect the innocence of children, as much as it is within our power to do so, realizing the world in which we now live.


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