Down for the Long Haul

An Original Work / April 15, 2020

When I last saw him
He was hunkered down
Down for the long haul
Got nowhere to run

Closed in his spaces
Time is not his friend
When will this be o’er?
Will it ever end?

Life is a changing
Change from day to day
Back and forth it goes
In so many ways

Fear and confusion
Messages galore
Keeps us a wond’ring
What’s for us in store

Who’s in the office
Running a tight ship?
One day it’s someone
Tomorrow it could flip

Global endeavors
Driving this, for sure
The masqueraders
Have us on the lure

Where will they take us?
Revelation times
They, mighty conquerors
Have us all in line

What is the answer
To all that it’s about?
Call on the Father
Don’t give in to doubt

Our Lord is with us
He’s still in command
He is not finished
Working out His plan

Trust in his mercy
Believe in his grace
He’s got a purpose
It’s all part of the race

Kindled with kindness
With love at its best
Jesus is longing
We live in righteousness

Too many wand’ring
Far away from God
Trapped in their idols
Give not, their Lord, a nod

Fully surrendered,
Few there are to be
Not many living
Down on bended knee

God is not willing
Anyone should die
Call to repentance
Is the truth, no lie

Sounding the trumpet
Gather all accord
Fully surrender
Your lives to your Lord

Time is a wasting
Don’t delay this now
Turn your heart to Jesus
And before Him bow

He will forgive you
Of all of your sins
If you are willing
To let Him live within

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