Man’s Infatuations

An Original Work / April 23, 202020191125_115730 - Copy
Based partially on Psalm 73

He’s bent on destruction,
No thought to his ways,
Man’s infatuations
Are causing delays.

No mind for the future,
Thinks only of self,
And that’s because He has
Put God on the shelf.

His pride is his necklace,
Thinks God does not know
He’s speaking with malice,
Then puts on a show.

His heart is so hardened
To all that’s of God,
He’s good at performance,
But truly a fraud.

His mind is so cluttered
With his evil thoughts,
His lust knows no limits,
Iniquity’s fraught.

His mouth makes confession
Of God as his Lord,
But self is his idol,
And truth he abhors.

His heart far from God,
He will perish in sin,
Unless he repents,
And lets Jesus come in.

*Note: “Man” in the sense of Adam, i.e. the sin nature, and not gender specific, but refers to the wicked and arrogant, in general, which can include the hypocritical, like the Pharisees, who made claim to God and to heaven, but who did not live what they preached, and who did not obey God.

9 thoughts on “Man’s Infatuations

    • Hunter, thank you. All glory to God. These poems come from him and from the Word of God, so I take no credit. I pray the message touches people’s hearts.


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