The Perfect Storm

An Original Work / June 5, 2020

Lies, deceptions, all around.
Character actors on the ground,
Spinning, spin webs of deceit.
So that others they defeat.

Tricks and trappings are their game.
They treat all of us the same.
Getting us to fight each other,
Christian brother against brother.

Left and right, and black and white,
They want all of us to fight.
Chaos, chaos is their game.
They turn the world to insane.

Fakery, fakery – all’s about,
Getting us to our God doubt.
Wanting us to believe them,
Following in their diadem.

So, they throw us a curve ball,
Echoes, echoes, through the hall.
Hoping we will take the bait,
And that others we will hate.

Then a prince in shining armor
Suddenly appears on the scene.
He’s got just the fix we need,
So that we can live serene.

“Peace and safety,” promises him,
If we will bow to his diadem.
“No more worries,” so he says,
“Trust me, and I’ll be your head.”

But he’s a liar straight from hell
Who wants to put us in a spell.
Incantation, that’s his game
So the strong will now be lame.

So be wise. Don’t be a fool.
Put on your armor as a tool.
Fight the good fight of the faith.
And don’t e’er take of their bait.

Trust in God, your ONLY LORD,
Use that mighty, mighty sword.
Speak the truth and fight the lies.
You will then save many lives.

16 thoughts on “The Perfect Storm

    • Mandy, thank you. Praise Jesus! We are good, so far. We have riots about 30 minutes from us north and about an hour from us south, but nothing real close to us yet. How about where you are?

      I am perfectly at peace. I knew this day would come, and I see it for what it is. But I know things are going to get much worse and that the trials are going to get more severe. Yet, I know God is in control and that he will guide my steps all the way. I am secure in HIM. I know you are, too.

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  1. Great poem! This is exactly what Rachel and Torrance expressed in their fb posts. A quote from Rachel:
    “If we as Christians are calling to unite for anything other than the body of Christ and for the purpose of preaching the Gospel we are in sensualism and it’s sin.”
    God is moving in the hearts of those willing to listen. I know you are. God bless!

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