Do Not Desire His Delicacies

Please read prayerfully, asking the Lord to show you what is going on.

Proverbs 23:1-3 ESV

“When you sit down to eat with a ruler,
observe carefully what is before you,
and put a knife to your throat
if you are given to appetite.
Do not desire his delicacies,
for they are deceptive food.”

I live in the USA. I was born here in December of 1949. I am 70 years old, so I have lived here a lifetime. And, as I was growing up in America, both at school, and at church, I was taught to pledge (vow) allegiance (fidelity) to the US government (our republic) with hand (deeds) over heart (with passion, desire, and the center or core of my being), something which is to be given to God, and to God alone.

I was taught to sing patriotic songs and hymns in the church, and to honor our military as our heroes, as those who have saved us from oppression and who have protected us from harm, and as those who protected our freedoms. But who are we to sing hymns of praise to? Who are we to honor as our hero, who saves us from our enemy, and who protects us from evil?

Today is Flag Day in the USA. Our flag has been in existence for 243 years. And, our nation is scheduled to celebrate 244 years of freedom from tyranny and oppression on July 4th, 2020, our Independence Day.

But our nation is not what it appears to be. From the very beginnings of our nation we were created to bring in the rule of this New World Order of the beast (of Revelation). The story is told through our national monuments and our national seal with the all-seeing eye over the unfinished pyramid.

We began as an “experiment,” and we have continued that way all these years, for our government has always been temporary and transitional, to bring about the order of the beast. The de facto government of the USA is the shadow government of the elite, wealthy, and powerful of this world. And our government serves them. So, we are the Great Prostitute, I believe, which includes the church which is unequally yoked together with her.

Our government and military, thus, have been going throughout the world conquering nations and peoples (See Rev. 13), destroying lands, confiscating natural resources, killing Christians, raping and murdering innocents, overtaking governments, and oppressing the people of these nations, and forcing compliance with the beast, and for many, many years.

And, what is happening in the USA right now is their modus operandi for how they overtook all these other countries in the world. So, I believe we are being conquered now, and soon our reign as the superpower of the world is going to come to an end. And our nation will be stripped of its evil and wicked authority, and of its influence over the rest of the world.

Proverbs 23:4-5 ESV

“Do not toil to acquire wealth;
be discerning enough to desist.
When your eyes light on it, it is gone,
for suddenly it sprouts wings,
flying like an eagle toward heaven.”

Our government has been purposefully and methodically bankrupting our nation for a very long time. First, they stole from the people their gold, and then they turned our money, eventually, into nothing but I.O.U.s.

The Federal Reserve is not of our government, but it is a corporation (1), and it is privately owned. And, they are the ones who control our money. JFK tried to stop the Federal Reserve, and he ended up dead shortly after.

With all this recent stuff going on within our nation, and in the world, our government, via the Federal Reserve, has put this nation in such debt that we will never be able to recover from it. And, again, this is on purpose, to bring us under the rule of this beast. Thus, they must destroy our form of government, our law and order, and our economy, among other things.

So, all that wealth that many have stored up could be gone with the click of a mouse on a computer software program. All our wealth could be wiped out in a single moment.

So, don’t put your hope in your money or in your possessions, for they could all be gone tomorrow. Put your hope and your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He will never disappoint. What he offers is forever, too, for those who trust him with their lives.

Proverbs 23:6-8 ESV

“Do not eat the bread of a man who is stingy;
do not desire his delicacies,
for he is like one who is inwardly calculating.
“Eat and drink!” he says to you,
but his heart is not with you.
You will vomit up the morsels that you have eaten,
and waste your pleasant words.”

All of this has come about via the network of deception. Our government and those they serve are master manipulators and magicians. And, they use “side doors” to do their dirty work, too. They find indirect ways, and less conspicuous and deceptive means of accomplishing their goals and objectives for the conquering of the world, and now the USA.

So, they “push the envelope,” i.e. they extend the limits of what is possible in situations to pull off their wicked schemes. For example, they are using this situation we are now encountering in our nation, some or all of which was totally orchestrated for this very purpose. And, they use these situations in order to cloak what they are really doing. This is a cover-up, in other words. And, its purpose is to bring about global domination of this beast.

Our primary government leaders, under the authority of the wealthy and powerful elite of the world who are ruling the world, care nothing about the people of this nation. They are self-serving, greedy for gain. They are always plotting how they might fool us and trick us into submitting to their wicked schemes. They are always calculating our demise, for that is their job. They pretend to be for us, but truly they are against us.

Left and right do not exist. They are all part of the play, the performance, which is to distract Americans, to entertain them, and to keep the naïve fighting against one another over what doesn’t even really exist. For, they want us fighting one another (black and white, right and left, gay and straight, and Christian against Christian, etc.).

And, the purpose of it all is so they can prove that we are a broken people, and a broken nation that needs healing, so that they can bring in the “international community” to save us from our problems. It is all orchestrated, and much of it is truly acted out by skillful actors. And, their solution for our problem has also been well planned out in advance, which is the solution they provided for all these other nations, too.

The peace they are offering you, though, comes with a price – the price is your freedoms, including freedom of religion. In order for the world to be at peace with one another, they have to be of one mind and one heart, which is the mind and heart of the beast, not God. Therefore, Christian persecution is on its way. For, to bring peace, they have to make us all the same, which excludes Jesus Christ and his gospel of salvation.

But I believe God has allowed all this to bring his church back to him in surrender to him as Lord, and to bring many people to Jesus Christ.

Enough for My God

By G. M. Eldridge

In God is the light, the brightest day.
He taught me to walk the narrow way,
Yet still I chose the path that was broad:
O, how could I be enough for my God?

With mercy so sweet, He led me along.
He held my hand, and gave me a song,
Yet still I sinned, a shameful fraud:
O, how could I be enough for my God?

I never had dreamed the day I’d see
the Son of God, who died for me,
Yet here by His side, I stand in awe:
Washed by His blood, enough for my God.

And who could forgive all the sins and the flaws?
O, how could I be enough for my God?
But gently He’ll lead by staff and by rod,
And help me to be enough for my God.

I just want to be Enough for You, God!

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P.S. 14 years ago this month the Lord gave me this writing –

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