Distancing From God

An Original Work / July 26, 2020

Distancing, distancing from their God,
Many, many are a fraud.
Turbulent, turbulent, round and round,
Many ne’er get off the ground.

Honoring, honoring not their Lord,
Idols, idols they adore.
Sacrifice, sacrifice to their gods,
Idols they, instead, applaud.

Minist’ring, minist’ring, not in faith,
They trap people with their bait.
Multitudes, multitudes all around
Not the true faith they have found.

Witnessing, witnessing lies untold,
Masqueraders very bold.
Trickery, trickery, so deceived,
Many, many have believed.

Wakening, wakening many’s faith,
God have mercy on this date.
Conquerors, conquerors now surround,
In hopes Christians will be bound.

Penitence, penitence, that’s the goal,
So your idols you will fold.
Following, following now your Lord,
Faith in Jesus, one accord.

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