Ministers of the Gospel

An Original Work / April 25, 2021

Ministers of the gospel
Take heed, just so you know,
You work for God, not for self.
He’s the one who makes things grow.

The church is not of yourselves.
She is not your creation.
You didn’t make her, God did.
She is His holy nation.

The plans for her are of God,
Not of the will of man.
Forget those marketing schemes.
Surrender your lives to HIS plan.

The church is not a building.
Not a denomination.
Not an incorporation.
Not a business of man.

The church is the body of Christ,
The people who trust in God.
Those who are filled with God’s Spirit,
Who for Jesus do plod.

Jesus is to be their Master,
The One on whom they rely.
He is the One to lead them,
To Him they then should cry.

So, lead them to follow Jesus,
To go wherever He leads.
Teach them to trust in Him fully,
And to let Him meet all their needs.

Teach them to forsake their sins,
And to follow in all of Christ’s ways.
Teach them to obey their Lord,
And to give Him all their sway.

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