Life Before Santa

An Original Work / December 16, 2019

‘Twas the life before Santa,
And all through the church,
They were praising their Lord,
And His righteousness searched.

The bells that were ringing
Were calling for prayer.
They were calling on God
To His righteousness wear.

Confessing their sins,
Thus, they humbly did bow.
Forsaking their idols,
Life with Christ, did avow.

In holiness now,
They were walking with care,
They were following Jesus,
Who their sins did bear.

He was leading them down
A good path, so divine.
He was teaching them how
To live for Christ, sublime.

He was telling them of
His great love and His grace,
And how they could one day
See Him face to face.

Continuing with Him,
They must walk in His love,
And focus their lives
On their Savior above.

They must remain in Him,
And His Word live in them,
Bearing fruit for eternity,
Pleasing God, The AMEN!

4 thoughts on “Life Before Santa

  1. Before I ever had children, I knew that I would never tell them about ‘Santa’.

    I am not sure why adults lie to children about Santa, and they find their children’s belief amusing.

    Here in Canada, an employee at the Post Office answers letters that children write to Santa, through the Post Office. May God help us. 🌼

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      • Actually, I wrote to the Post Office telling them that it was very misleading of them to answer letters, saying they are from Santa. They didn’t reply, of course.
        Like you, I also don’t celebrate Christmas, for the very reasons you mention.
        Instead, I rejoice in the birth, life, and resurrection of Jesus every day. 🌷🤗

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      • Amen! Thank you, Sally. We have to say what the Lord gives us to say if people like it or us or not, if they respond, or not. We just have to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and leave it to him to take it where he wants it to go. Thank you for sharing all that with me. God bless you.

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