Heavy Burdens

A story of Depression

Heavy burdens hard to bear
Many idols not to wear
Many lives are in despair
Feel life treats them so unfair

Not the way they hoped life be
Happy, and from troubles free
Slipped a mickey in their drink
And from there their lives did sink

Walked away from what was true
Dabbled in what to them glued
Looking not to life renew
Not life purpose followed through

So they went from drink to drink
And continued them to sink
Drugs inhibited them to think
Troubled minds are on the brink

Tragedy now settles in
Keeps on losing, not to win
Going now from this to that
Daily changing every hat

Fights against what he knows true
Not to God gives honor due
Finds escapes, the truth not face
But the truth he can’t erase

Run from truth into escape
Never solves what is life’s fate
Takes no troubles to their grave
Broken lives it does not save

Only hope to God resign
Nothing you can do will find
Hope and healing, burdens gone
Unless to Christ you belong

Leave those burdens far behind
Sin’s escapes that made you blind
Give to Christ your life today
Choose to God your life obey

An Original Work / August 8, 2022

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