The Pain So Deep

The pain inside you

Are you hurting deep inside,
The pain so deep, and so you hide
From others what is hurting you,
Perhaps, because their love not true?

You’ve been down this road before
Of trusting others with your sore,
And then to have them turn their backs,
Since love for you they surely lack.

Trusting others, it is hard,
When from “the church” you have been barred
When others have rejected you,
Because to God you have been true.

Say they love you, do not show,
It is not you they want to know,
For you don’t fit in with their schemes,
For you don’t follow all their dreams.

Say they want you in their pews
As long as you withhold your views,
As long as you conform to them
And to their whims say an “Amen.”

They say that they accept all folk
To that remark, it is a joke.
For they accept you only if
Into their mold you surely fit.

If you are uniquely made
By God to whom your life you gave,
And He has a plan for your life
Then do what He says, do not fright.

Go where He sends, say to them
What God’s word teaches – must repent
And follow Him where’er He leads,
And on His truth your heart to feed.

An Original Work / August 11, 2022

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