The Spreading of Lies

The lies of those who sin are spread
As they plot evil on their beds
For they are not clear in the head
For sin controls their minds instead

No wheel of fortune up ahead
For to their sins they are not dead
For on the lies of others fed
And they do not God’s judgments dread

They take their lives now all in stride
For they are surely filled with pride
And God, He is not on their side
For they in Him do not abide

They sin in secret, so they hide
Behind closed doors and fantasize
What life would be when in disguise
Reality not realize

Escape them when the truth not face
For all their mem’ries not erase
But they, they haven’t got a case
Why lusts of flesh they choose to chase

They spin their wheels and go nowhere
Because the truth they will not share
No acts of kindness them to spare
Their sins control them everywhere

Yet God is calling out to them
Repent of sin and be forgiven
Obey the Lord, for your own sake
Regarding truth no longer fake

Now walk with God, integrity,
And from your sins you will be free
Now live in truth, in righteousness,
And you’ll be free from your distress

An Original Work / August 19, 2022

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