Pain and Suffering

Pain and suff’ring, be like Jesus
Who from our sins He did free us.
Complications, not vacations,
Is our status, is what frees us.

“How so,” you may ask, “Do now tell
How our suff’ring frees us from hell?”
In our suff’ring die now to sin
So that vict’ry in Christ you’ll win.

Share with Jesus in His suff’rings,
Give our lives to Christ as off’rings.
Humble ourselves before our Lord,
Obey Him all in one accord.

Jesus put sins to death with Him
So we might die to sin with Him.
Share in death now with Him to sin,
Follow Him now in obedience.

When we suffer, call out to Christ.
When we suffer we should realize
We are weak, in need of Jesus,
Who from our sins he can free us.

Pain and suff’ring can be our friends,
Teach us to on God to depend.
Make us humble, teach us His grace,
So that one day we’ll see His face.

An Original Work / August 30, 2022

2 thoughts on “Pain and Suffering

  1. Interesting post as I have been realizing lately that suffering is part of our walk. Never thought about it much until this last year or so. Jesus suffered and told us we would have troubles in this world. The word says we are to share in his sufferings. Listen to the words of Paul, who suffered greatly for our Lord. Yet he said he didn’t lose hope though he went through beatings and jail and shipwrecks, he held on to the Lord. I once heard a friend state: we are to embrace our suffering and embrace our Lord. He IS our strength in our weakness. What an awesome God. Jesus suffered for the joy he would obtain. We will obtain that same joy as we keep our eyes on the author and finisher of our faith.

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