I Pray this Would be the Time

Many false commitments
That were not true to form.
Many false confessions
That not to Christ conformed.

Many empty chatters
That ne’er went anywhere.
Many lies, deceptions,
And not the truth was shared.

Many staged professions
Of faith, faith not sincere.
Many times admissions
Of sin, not truth in gear.

Many are such wand’rings
Of those who not repent.
They go through the motions
And yet their knees not bent.

Fakery is with them,
So much a part of them,
That truth they do not
Separate from lies, oh man!

Many times they’d say they’d changed,
but no, they did not.
Many times they’d dance around
The truth, when on the spot.

Truth and lies so much a part
Of who they really are.
Even though they know the truth,
The truth from them is far.

It will take a miracle
Of God’s grace to see change,
But miracles are what God does,
For that, He can arrange.

An Original Work / September 4, 2022

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