Broken Hearts

20220910_124016Oh, how hearts breaking.
Sinners are faking,
Lies they are making,
Love they’re forsaking.
Broken hearts aching.

Liars pretending,
And not hearts mending,
And not love sending,
Sin they’re defending,
Truth they are bending.

Shooting their arrows,
Not good bedfellows,
Not on road narrow,
Lies they do swallow,
All this foreshadowed.

Immoral are they,
E’en though they do pray,
But faithful not stay,
In practice they stray,
From then to this day.

Their words not believe,
For they do deceive,
No pardon receive,
Their sins do not grieve,
Their idols they cleave.

They lie and abuse,
And others misuse,
Repentance refuse,
With lies they amuse,
Their sin they now choose.

The hurting forsaken,
Advantage of taken,
And now they’re awakened,
Although they are shaken,
In Christ’s love partaking.

An Original Work / September 15, 2022

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