All About Christmas

It’s only October
But I can’t get over
How much now ‘bout Christmas,
While Christ they do dismiss.

For Christ’s not in Christmas.
It isn’t His business.
He’s not about Santa
And that propaganda.

He’s not about presents,
On humans dependent
To make life now matter,
But with empty chatter.

He’s not into light shows,
All that is now grandiose,
With glitter a plenty
For those who’ve not any.

The singing of Carols,
While Santa they herald,
Is not about Jesus,
Who from our sins freed us.

The greed and the scams
And the taters and hams
And the candy galore
Do not Christ adore.

So, to celebrate Christ
You must give Him your life.
You must bow now to him,
And forsake all your sin.

You must walk in His ways
For the rest of your days,
And obey his commands,
And on Christ take your stand.

An Original Work / October 10, 2022

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