Donkeys Honking

Donkeys honking in their pride,
Taking others for a ride,
Telltale signs of something bad,
Someone somewhere has been had.

Magic tricks, that is their game,
Mischief making, all the same.
Looking, though, to others blame,
Absolute, they feel no shame.

Corner others with their tricks,
That is how they get their kicks.
Who, they think, can they deceive?
Who can they get to believe?

Consciences, they have been seared,
God the Father they not fear.
Human hearts care nothing for,
People’s feelings they ignore.

All about themselves, they are,
Care not people’s lives they mar.
Selfish, selfish, to the core,
It’s themselves that they adore.

Cry to them that they would change,
That their hearts would rearrange,
Not a flicker, not a flinch,
They will not budge, not one inch.

Sad that many, this they are,
That they’ve gotten yet this far,
Hard as nails and cold as stone,
They are evil to the bone.

Sad the evil that they do
Stabbing others’ hearts right through.
Bitter hearts right to the core,
So the Bible they ignore.

An Original Work / October 19, 2022

FYI: This has nothing to do with American politics.
P.S. The word “donkey” is used to describe a person who is foolish and who is stubborn and bullheaded. And honking has to do with “tooting your own horn,” i.e. with being prideful and boastful.

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