Storms are Howling

Storms are howling, folks not bowing,
Headstrong in their plans a plenty,
Trust in God they ain’t got any,
They not friend, they are the en’my.

Tricks and trappings, fingers snapping,
Sins a plenty they are adding,
Those who love God, they attacking,
Wickedness, it is not napping.

They are showing their true colors,
They not showing love to others,
For they follow other lovers
When they’re underneath their covers.

Round about it in their circles,
Singing, flinging, in their hurtles,
Acting out in their rehearsals,
Blurting out so many verbals.

Dancing, prancing, and romancing,
Eyes that lust, they are so glancing,
Evil men they are advancing,
Many people they entrancing.

Lies enormous, they deceiving,
Many people them believing,
God almighty they are grieving,
Human hearts they are now seizing.

Oh, what heartache, lies so many,
Not on God’s side, they not friendly,
For their god, it is their belly,
And their hearts are full of envy.

God is calling to repentance,
Those who in their sins do advance,
Those who live their lives just for chance,
and who’re living life in a trance.

An Original Work / October 23, 2022

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