To Sing a New Song

To sing a new song, a song in my heart,
A song that’s of joy, to never depart,
To sing it out loud where people can hear,
To sing now with courage and never with fear,

To sing in the morning and even at night,
To sing of salvation, of Jesus, the Light,
To tell of His wonders, His miracles, too,
To tell of His grace and His mercy for you,

To tell how He died that horrible death,
To tell how He breathed then His very last breath,
To tell then of how He rose from the grave,
In order that our souls He would now save,

To tell of our need to die now to sin,
So we can live with Him forever in heaven,
To tell we must walk in His righteousness,
To tell how obedience gives us sweet rest,

To tell this with joy, with love in my heart,
That you would believe in Him, never depart,
That you would submit to Him, Jesus your Lord,
That you would now walk with Him, in one accord,

Brings joy to my heart, such peace satisfies,
Assurance of faith, and never in lies,
To know that you, too, are walking with Him,
And that you’re no longer walking in sin.

To Sing a New Song
An Original Work / March 19, 2023

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