The World as We Know It

Slander, meander, and gander, not candor,
Inviting, enticing, spicing, and dicing,
Twirling, and hurling, and whirling, unfurling,
Outrageous, egregious, rampageous, contagious.

The world as we know it, not pretty, tis true,
The world should not live now, not inside of you.
The Spirit of God should now live in your heart,
And from God you now should not ever depart.

As Christians we are to be loyal to God,
As Christians we’re not to live now like a fraud.
We are to be faithful in all that we do,
We’re not to live now like we ain’t got a clue.

The Bible will tell us right now how to live,
As those who by faith did their sins God forgive.
We are to live righteous and godly pure lives,
Whose faith in the Lord, when it’s tested, survives.

An Original Work / April 24, 2023

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